Management Features

  • Basic Management Features
    Easy to use, Menu Driven Back Office setup, activities, and maintenance screens.
    Crystal reports for clear, accurate and exportable report functions.
    Special quick edit functions for items and modifiers.
    Critical daily management features accessible from the Order Entry screens (password protected).
  • Menu Maintenance
    Drag and drop menu creation and maintenance.
    Create menus in advance and activate on a preset date/time.
    Auto generate and duplicate menus for modification.
    Set-up Event Menus or Event prices as part of an existing Menu (e.g. Happy Hour or daily specials).
  • Item Maintenance
    Ten price groups including special event prices.
    Open price for Special order or live seafood (minimum price may be assigned).
    Price by weight (with scale interface).
    Size pricing, fractional Quantities allowed.
    Set daily quantities available to prevent ordering of items that have sold out.
    Set item for inventory tracking.
    Create Combo Items with or without substitutions.
    Create linked items.
    Create “Meal Deals” with mandatory items and batch links.
    Time Charge Items (Priced by hour or intervals for room rentals).
  • Item Modifiers
    Group modifiers and link to individual items or groups of items.
    Set Min/Max selection for modifier groups.
    Modifier prefixes (More, Less, Extra etc.).
  • Basic Inventory Capability (for Piece by Piece items)
    Enter and adjust quantities for critical menu items like steaks, bottled beer or wine.
    Check quantities at day-end or at next delivery to see if on-hand quantity matches physical count.
    Automatic depletion of item quantities at daily close.
    Receiving by vendor for new stock.
  • Audit Trails
    Assign items for tracking for who has served and in what quantity (contests and Promotions).
    Track bill adjustments including, voids, promos, negative quantities, zero prices or negative price, by server, or reason code.
    Management may select which functions will be tracked and logged; reporting by employee or function access.
  • Employee Scheduling and Maintenance
    Set up Employee groups (server, bartender etc.) with appropriate access privileges.
    Set up Departments, each with its own pay rates.
    Employee Scheduling by Department.
    Employee work hours maintenance and adjustment to correct errors in clock in or clock out.
    Print Schedules by employee or department, with or without labour costs (emailable).
    Integrates with Optional Profitek Canadian Payroll Module or ADP.
  • Built-In Reports (Selectable by date range)
    Sales Summary Report
    Item Sales Report
    Sales Report by Section, Revenue Center, Employee
    Hourly Sales Report
    Category Sales Report by Day
    Shift Statistic Report by Day
    Tender Report
    Tender Report by Day
    Expense Report by Day
    Discount Report by Day
    Inventory Movement Report
    Bill Audit List
    Adjustment List
    Modifier Report
    Customer Type Statistic Report
    Gross Profit Report
    Sales Audit Report
    Tender Statistic Report
    Air Miles Report (with Optional Module)
    Track Item Report
    Work hours Report
    Function Access Log
    Price Change Log

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