POS Features

Point of Sale

  • Touch Screen Based Order Entry
    Designed especially for touch screen operations. Large colorful display. Virtually unlimited number of items; items are selected from the top group of buttons, grouped by subcategory selected at the bottom.
    User selectable function buttons on order entry screen to suit various types of Quick Service operations.
  • Barcode Based Order Entry
    Ability to scan UPC barcode information. Especially useful for prepackaged goods in quick service or for quick payment at cashier.
  • Handheld Wireless Touch Order Entry
    Windows CE Based interface available for PDA’s; allows server to enter and send orders to the kitchen, request bill status, and with optional CCA and wireless printer, process payments and issue receipts.
  • Self Serve Kiosk Order Entry Option
    Intuitive self serve interface for Kiosks replaces ticket takers at reception functions and supplements cashiers during peak periods. PC based means Kiosk may be used to sell advertising or provide information when not in Order Entry mode.
  • Fast Order Card Scanning
    Use a pre-printed order card listing menu items for customers to mark. The card is then scanned into order entry and the order completed within a couple of seconds. Especially useful for Dim Sum service or any environment with large numbers of small a la carte orders.
  • Section Management
    Definition of sections (Eat In, To Go, Delivery, Drive Thru, Catering, etc), each able to have a different set of parameters and price level.
    Profit centers may be set up for different sections or combinations of sections.
  • Remote Kitchen (order prep) support
    Unlimited kitchen printers in any combination. Assign each item to any combination of printers.
    Optional Kitchen Monitor function with “bump bars” or “bump when paid”.
  • Delay Order or Future Order
    Take out orders can be entered in the morning and picked up in the afternoon at a customer-specified time.
    Catering orders can be entered days or weeks ahead and activated on the day of delivery.
  • Price Groups for Menu Item Pricing
    Allows you to specify up to 10 different menu item prices for different sections or events, or regions of stores.
  • Popup Modifier Screens
    Modifiers automatically pop up when the menu item is touched. Modifier grouping allows unlimited layers to be generated. Open modifier function to type in special requests “on the fly”.
  • Item Out Warning
    Instantly enter a warning to all cashiers that an Item has run out and cannot be ordered.
  • Customer Tracking
    Mandatory or optional entry of customer information. Function button for entry after order taken.
    Management-definable customer groups.
    Customer lists by group and spending reports by group.
  • Quick Service Functions
    Large quantity buttons for multiples of items.
    Exact dollar button for quick closing of cash transactions.
    “Meal Deals” with mandatory items and batch links.
    Combo Items with or without substitutions.
    Repeat last round function.
    Dual Screen capability for attractive customer bill display with advertising or promotions.
  • Take Out and Delivery Functions
    Multi-line caller ID.
    Automatic delivery charge (optional).
    Popup order history for each customer.
    Previous order repeat.
    Map codes may be entered for each customer.
    Optional interface to Microsoft Map with graphical and printed route instructions.
    Driver dispatch, delivery time, compensation and mileage tracking.
  • Built-in Employee Clock In/Out
    Automatic clock in at login (if selected).
    Popup clock out reminder, reminds again at clock in if missed.
    Mandatory clock in can be selected for specific employees.
    Manager approval required if over maximum shift.
    Work hours can be verified and adjusted by manager.
  • Discounts, Voids, Promotions
    Discounts definable by percentage or dollar amount.
    Discount, void or promo an item or the whole order.
    Management-controlled access to these functions, with a full audit trail.

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